AQUA: The Pioneer Who Never ‘Sleep

AQUA: The Pioneer Who Never ‘Sleep

Aqua Olahraga

Since its success in the 1970s, AQUA seemly wants its consumers to not leave their existence behind, even there are getting more and more mineral water brands to conquer prospective consumers’ hearts. Thus, they manage to make a number of campaign and be a part of several events in order to let people to always acknowledge its products. From sponsoring sports events, making creative commercials, until get involve in some environmental activities. Of that, we can see that AQUA is the pioneer who never ‘sleep’. So, what really makes AQUA be like that? 

The simplest one, AQUA keeps showing their brand to the community by sponsoring some sports events, such as Danone National Cup (DNC), Bali Marathon, and Asian Games. From this, we can see its willingness to keep ‘awaken’ in the middle of hard competition with other brands. Therefore, participants, committee, athletes, as well as spectators of the game/event, keep bringing their minds to a bottle mineral water brand, and it’s AQUA.

Next, a number of campaigns also has been made. For the general campaign, they created #AdaAQUA and was very popular in 2015-2017, moreover “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?” the movie was released and become very hype and FOMO in the young generation, hence the ads series have gone viral because it was from a simple sample of which we can find anywhere in the daily life –perhaps it happened to us before– and it really made an impression on the community. From such commercial, people are getting more recognize about AQUA.

Aqua Dian Sastro
Source: Twitter

Despite its popularity, AQUA seems not to forget what responsibility they should give, especially to the environment. As their sustainability pillars mission “We will Always Keep the Balance Between Business Sustainability and Nature Preservation for a Healthier Indonesia”, AQUA involves and conducts several environment campaigns to make commitment for cleaner Indonesia, for instance, #BijakBerplastik in order to invite the community to save our planet Earth to make lesser consumption on plastics in the daily life.

The #BijakBerplastik campaign is within a number of sub-campaign and collaborations, namely: AQUA x Octopus by helping scavengers to collect recycle bottle plastic from consumers by using the app from Octopus, this campaign aim is to recycle more plastics and wider awareness of the community to separate bottle plastic and other types of waste;

AQUA x Grab, alike to collaboration with Octopus, this campaign also invites people to collect waste to get more clean used plastic to be recycled;

AQUA Life which launched new bottle package which is made from 100% recycled plastic & is 100% recyclable, this is positively the result from the collaboration with Octopus and Grab of which collecting the used plastic from the consumers; and to keep giving reminder and inviting people to do a good thing to the environment,

Aqua 100% Recycle
Source: Sehat AQUA

AQUA collaborate with Indonesian singer, Sheryl Sheinafia,in creating a song that related to plastic waste that should be recycled in order to guard the Earth’s goodness and avoid the waste problem.

Aqya Sheryl Sheinafia
Source: Sehat AQUA

To keep up with consumer behavior in this era, mainly for female prospective consumers, AQUA is also in collaboration with ERHA Clinics to launch skincare series, named “RE-FRESH”. From face mist, serum, mask, lip balm, to sunscreen, they don’t only offer a beauty package to the prospective consumers, but also bring to mind keeping hydrated inside (drink water for a healthy body) and outside (use skin care for healthy skin).

Aqua Erha skincare

So, why do you think AQUA made so many campaigns? From those campaigns told above, we can see that AQUA is very steady in penetrating its business to the community. With all the campaigns, they provide a very simple thing to remind people to keep hydrated and not to forget to drink enough water every day. Therefore, it is so easy for AQUA to offer their products and make brand awareness to the community, also let people remember AQUA as the premium product of mineral water to be chosen in the country. All the more, for those who already practice healthy life and water is a basic need in daily routine, AQUA also be there to present themselves as the best choice of mineral water, hence the business penetration becomes very optimal.

Additionally, the campaigns made are also considered as their method to make brand awareness in any type of circle, social class, and all kinds of society. In consequence, AQUA seems not to worry about maintaining sales and getting more consumers despite many brand competitors with more affordable to the exclusive price. Of that, they know that instead of ‘sleeping’, they keep awakening, moving forward, and keep on track to the trend and taste in the community, plus to lead people to be good for our environment which make them not only remain to be “a pioneer” but also “a constant player” in the market.

Aqua Plastik Daur Ulang 100%
Source: AQUA Sehat

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